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Taksi Tampere mobile app

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You can download Taksi Tampere app from your device´s app store. Downloading the app and booking a taxi through it are free of charge.

The Taksi Tampere app is the only taxi app that puts Tampere’s largest fleet of cars – and the most reliable rides – at your disposal. Download the app and register as a user right now, and you can get your ride quickly, right when you need it. Downloading and registering the app is naturally completely free of charge.

The Taksi Tampere app works in the Taksi Tampere area. In addition to the City of Tampere, it covers Nokia, Ylöjärvi (not Kuru), Kangasala, Lempäälä, and Pirkkala. The app will give you access to the approximately 500 taxis of Taksi Tampere.

Features in the app:

  • Stop straining your fingers, now you can store your favourite addresses in the app.
  • You get a fixed price for your trip.
  • Follow your taxi on the map and view the details of your inbound vehicle and driver.
  • Communicate securely with your driver, for example when you need to tell them the exact location of your apartment building.
  • Submit a review at the end of your trip.
  • Book trips in advance.
  • Browse your travel history, receipts and upcoming trips in the app.
  • Send a copy of your receipt to your email address.
  • The app can also be conveniently used to pay your fare.
  • You can also pay  by Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • You can use the same app for personal and for your company´s trips. You can easily change between your personal and company´s account.


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