Call a taxi

0100 4131

(1,84 €/call + local network / cellphone charge)

Taxi for disabled

0100 4531

(1,84 €/call + local network / cellphone charge)

Kela taxi (Pirkanmaa)

0800 98 811


Kela taxi (Kanta-Häme)

0800 98 821


SMS text messages for calling a taxi – easily and at any time

  • 16442 (1,42 €/message)
  • Key in: taksi (space) Location (space) Street address (you can also add additional needs to the street address, e.g. taxi with room for more passengers, station wagon etc.).
  • Send the message to 16442. You then get an acknowledgment of your order having been received at the taxi center. The taxi center then confirms your order with a new message.
  • NOTE: Text messages as calls for a taxi always work as immediate calls. If you wish to book a taxi for a specific time, call 0100 4131.
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Airport Taxi – a thrifty ride to the airport

  • 0100 4131 (1,84€/call + local network / cellphone charge)
  • When calling from abroad, call +358 100 4131
  • Airport taxi runs by order between Tampere city center and the airport. See map
  • Fare: 19 €/person. A passenger is permitted one normal-sized suitcase.
  • Order your transportation from the city center to the airport well in advance of the trip and inform the center of your departure time. The taxi center will notify you of the departure time of the Airport Taxi. At the airport, Airport Taxi is always the first car at the airport’s No.1 Terminal. When ordering or entering Airport Taxi, please mention code “Airport Taxi”.

Courier service – for fast delivery of small items

  • Convenient way to move small items at exactly the time you want.
  • There is also the Taksiraha debit card, which provides the itemization of the route taken along with the invoice.


Taksi Tampere Courier service

Kela taxi

Taxi Tampere (Tampereen Aluetaksi Oy) relays taxi orders included in Kela’s direct reimbursement within the Pirkanmaa area. The Kela taxi service is available 24/7. The Kela taxi call number is 0100 844 88 (€1.42 / call + local network / cell phone charge).