Taxifares (incl. VAT 10%) 1.7.2018
Base charge weekdays 06:00-20:00, and Saturdays and eves of holidays 06:00-16:005,30 €
Otherwise8,08 €
Fare (1-4 passengers)1,84 €/km
Fare (5-8 passengers)2,25 €/km
Fare (1-4 passengers high season)2,12 €/km
Fare (5-8 passengers high season)2,59 €/km
Waiting42,23 €/h

These are Taksi Tampere’s maximum prices.

Taximeter automatically calculates either distance or time, and traffic jams and red traffic lights increase time used, hence total cost of the trip will be higher too.

No preorder charge.

10% VAT is included in all prices above. If a taxi transports only parcel, then VAT is 24%.

Trip fare calculator

Trip starts

Number of passengers

Matka (km)

How to use the calculator

Choose first the time when trip starts and the amount of passengers or parcel transport. After this set the distance in kilometers and click “Calculate”. The estimate will be shown.

Calculator calculates the estimated price based on distance only. Taximeter automatically adds waiting, standing in the traffic, etc. to total, based on waiting charge of 42,23€/hour or 0,70€/minute.