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Taxi fares (incl. VAT 10%)
Base charge weekdays 07:00-18.00 3,90 €
Base charge during other times (including public holidays and eves) 8,50 €
Fare per kilometre (1-4 passengers) 1,19 €/km
Fare per kilometre (5-8 passengers) 1,99 €/km
Time charge 0,99 €/minute
Pre-order fee 5,00 €
Assistance fee 14,90 €

These are Taksi Tampere’s maximum prices.

Minimum price is 9,90 € (1-4 passengers).
Minimum price is 19,90 € (5-8 passengers).

You can pre-order a taxi. We cannot guarantee minibuses for pre-orders. In these cases, orders may be divided among normal taxis according to the number of persons to be transported. Pre-ordering a taxi is recommended, especially if you have a fixed schedule and you need a taxi in the morning which is our busiest time.

Our cars do not include child safety seats as standard equipment.  If you require a child safety seat, we recommend that you place the order by calling our taxi centre, tel. 0100 4131. It is also worth noting that it takes a while for the driver to fetch the ordered safety seat, and the pick-up will also be charged to the customer. When you place the order through our taxi centre, we are able to estimate the cost of picking up the car seat and how much time this will take. The same applies if a wheelchair is required in the car. This should also be mentioned when placing the order. Wheelchairs are not standard equipment in our taxis.

All the above prices include 10% VAT. If a taxi only transports parcels, the VAT is 24%. A taxi ride is considered to be a parcel delivery when there are no passengers in the taxi during the entire journey.

    Taxifare calculator Price inc. VAT 10%
    1-4 passengers, distance in kilometers 1,19 €
    5-8 passengers, distance in kilometers 1,99 €
    Time of trip in minutes 0,99 €
    During evenings, weekends, and public holidays, please select the additional fee €8.50
    If placing a pre-order, please select the pre-order fee €5.00
    Total €

    Calculated fares are estimates, and are subject to change