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Taxifares (incl. VAT 10%)
Base charge weekdays 07:00-18.00 0 €
Base charge other times 8,50 €
Fare (1-4 passengers) 0,99 €/km
Fare (5-8 passengers) 1,65 €/km
Time charge 0,99 €/minute
Pre-order fee 5,00 €
Assistance fee 14,90 €

These are Taksi Tampere’s maximum prices.

Minimum price is 9,90 € (1-4 passengers).
Minimum price is 19,90 € (5-8 passengers).

Our cars do not come with child safety seats as standard. If there is a need to use a child safety seat, we hope that the order is made primarily by calling our taxi center on 0100 4131. In addition, it is good to note that it takes some time to search for a car seat, and the pick-up of the seat will also be charged to the customer. When ordering through the taxi center, the center is able to estimate the time required as well as the cost of picking up the seat. The same practice applies if the car is to have a wheelchair, as wheelchairs are also not standard in taxis.

10% VAT is included in all prices above. If a taxi transports only parcel, then VAT is 24%.

Trip fare calculator

How to use the calculator

Choose first the time when trip starts and the amount of passengers or parcel transport. After this set the distance in kilometers and click “Calculate”. The estimate will be shown.

The time charge is calculated on the basis of estimated average speeds.