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Taxi service since 1990

Tampere Aluetaksi Oy relays calls and concludes taxi service agreements in the Pirkanmaa area. We have been offering safe and high-quality taxi service since 1990.

Tampere Aluetaksi Oy is 100% owned by shareholder cabbies and we employ more than 2,000 professionals. Tampere Aluetaksi Oy has about 500 taxis and annually provides more than 2 million taxi orders within Tampere and its neighboring localities. We also organize driver training and taxi inspector activities.


  • Passenger taxis: Safe, high-quality cars for 1-4 passengers.
  • Stretcher taxis: This is a station wagon type of taxi for 1+8 persons. Stretcher type taxis are mostly ordered by hospitals and healthcare centers for patients who need to travel in a lying-down position.
  • Inva taxis and 1-8 persons’ taxis: Our fleet includes several inva taxis, taxis with ramps and taxis especially designed for wheelchair users and 1-8 persons.
Alueemme Taksit - Osa 10 - Tarhasydämiä