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Your local taxi service 0100 4131

Tampere - Pirkkala - Nokia - Ylöjärvi - Kangasala - Lempäälä

Call a taxi

0100 4131

(2,84 €/call + 0,55 €/min + local network / cellphone charge)

From abroad: +358 100 4131

Taxi for disabled

0100 4531

(2,84 €/call + 0,55 €/min + local network / cellphone charge)

From abroad: +358 100 4531

Kela taxi (Pirkanmaa)

0800 41 5710


From abroad: +358 800 41 5710

Calls made to and from Tampereen Aluetaksi Oy's Service center will be recorded for customer service and training and processed only by authorized persons.

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With over 2 million trips per year, our company is the largest local taxi operator. Reliability is our core value.

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Always at your service – hassle free

Our taxi center serves on a 24/7 basis. Our diverse range of offerings includes all the transport services you need, business and courier services, family account option, and assistance during shopping trips. We also have experience and capabilities for a wide range of services for special groups.

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Local is also best for non-local customers

We know what there is to know about the locality.

Guaranteed fares

Use Taksi Tampere so there are no unpleasant surprises. Check out our fares and our tariff calculator.